2017 CNEX華人紀錄片提案大會 - 徵案活動 CCDF-8 Call for Entry

2010 年起,為推動紀錄片的產業化,CNEX 基金會提出了「華人紀錄片產業平台計畫」,首度舉辦國際大型提案活動 CNEX 華人紀錄片提案大會(CCDF,CNEX Chinese Doc Forum),每年邀請世界各地的電視台買家、發行商、跨國製片人與基金會到台灣。入選者透過公開提案、私人面談等方式,向國際爭取製作資源,獲得在國際媒體平台發表的機會。提案紀錄片導演國籍不限,拍攝主題需與華人世界社群有關。

2017 年 CCDF 即將邁入第八屆,CNEX 期望結合紀錄片的製作、影展與發行專業人士,積極進行華語與台灣紀錄片的國際推廣,發展常態且可持續性的紀錄片運營模式,並以紀錄片將台灣塑造為華人電影的特殊品牌與座標。


  1. 初選徵案:徵求有關華人世界的紀錄片拍攝企劃,從中甄選出至多20個提案進入提案大會。

  2. 診療工作坊:為使入選提案導演或製片人熟悉國際提案運作方式,針對紀錄片個案討論說故事的方式、片花製作與提案技巧予以培訓。

  3. 培訓工作坊:通過初選的提案者必須參加為期三天的培訓工作坊,CNEX將邀請國際重量級紀錄工作者擔任此次活動講師,與提案者進行一對一的討論與演練,最後進入提案大會。

  4. 紀錄片提案大會:國際提案大會為一媒合平臺,在為期兩天的活動中,CNEX將邀請到國際知名的紀錄片產業界人士與影展的專業人士,與提案團隊進行提問、建議與媒合。紀錄片拍攝者可藉由此次機會與國際接軌,甚至商談國際合製的可能性。

  5. 製片工作坊:專業的製片人,將可協助紀錄片導演在資源充足、更有效率的環境下盡情發揮創意,提高製作技術,並規畫後期的發行事務。於此,CNEX「紀錄片製片工作坊」、「大師講堂」,邀請重量級的國際製片人開班授課。

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CNEX Chinese Doc Forum now enters its eigth year. We take firm steps every year on providing a unique platform for documentary filmmakers. We simultaneously review international trends and tailor exciting speeches meeting the needs of this industry.

CNEX Chinese Documentary Forum (CCDF) is a professional platform created to support documentary filmmaking. Modeled after international documentary pitching forums, CCDF connects Chinese filmmakers with international commissioning editors, buyers or funders in order to facilitate international co-production.

Over the years, there’s been a growing interest from the international community in films related to Chinese cultures and societies. However, with language barriers, Chinese independent filmmakers have a hard time entering into and participating in the international documentary markets. Chinese filmmakers have not been able to take full advantage of the resources provided by the international film markets; additionally, Chinese filmmakers face a narrow or under-developed production and distribution channel. Chinese filmmakers also lack intention or understanding of the international documentary market.

CNEX Foundation, co-organized with Chinese Image Visual Industry and Creation Society, created the first annual CNEX Chinese Documentary Forum (CCDF) in 2010. Since then, twenty out of over hundreds of Chinese projects are selected each year where filmmakers have the opportunity to connect with internationally renowned documentary film professionals and commissioning editors, including representatives from Sundance (USA), Sunny Side of the Docs (France), BBC (UK), Arte (France), NDR/ARD (Germany), IDFA (Netherlands), DR TV (Denmark), HotDocs (Canada), NHK (Japan), Discovery (Asia), National Geographic (Asia), Phoenix TV (HK), Sun TV (HK), RTHK (HK), PTS (Taiwan), SMG (China), and CCTV (China). Since the inception of the first CCDF, 74 projects have been selected into CCDF, and many of them have received funding, support and contracts with international producers, broadcasters and buyers.


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